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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without Travel Insurance

Whether you’re going for a week-long trip to New Zealand or exploring the world backpacking, it’s important you take out travel insurance before leaving, just to ensure your special time away is memorable for the correct reasons.

Travel insurance

This short article will detail why travel insurance is essential, especially if you plan on leaving the country for your holiday. There are a ten reasons included in this list, which you should take note of to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket or stuck abroad should the unexpected occur.

  1. Curtailment – Cutting your trip short is the last thing you have planned, but due to unforeseen circumstances, this can sometimes be required. Travel insurance can cover you against this problem, but do check what reasons for curtailment are included in your policy.
  1. Cancellation – Illness, injury or bereavement can occur just before you’re due to travel, or even while you’re abroad, meaning you’ll need to cut your holiday short. Cancelling a holiday can be expensive, and sometimes you won’t get your money back. Travel insurance covers you against this, should the worst happen.
  1. Lost documentation – If you lose your passport or tickets while abroad, your holiday will come to an abrupt standstill. Thankfully, travel insurance will cover you should either of these things happen.
  1. Accidents – If you have an accident abroad, or suffer from a permanent disability, travel insurance can cover the cost of your treatment and will even pay out compensation.
  1. Losing money – If you lose your money: eating, travelling and paying for your accommodation becomes impossible. A good travel insurance policy protects you against loss of money, though be sure to get the right coverage to suit the amount you’re taking with you.
  1. Medical expenses – If you become unwell abroad and need medical treatment, travel insurance will cover the cost. Medical care abroad can cost tens of thousands, meaning this reason alone is one of the most vital when it comes to purchasing insurance and ensuring you have the correct cover.
  1. Legal expenses – If you’re travelling abroad, you may find you encounter unwanted attention from the law. Whether you do something illegal in another country or are arrested unfairly, you’ll need legal help. Some countries don’t have legal aid, meaning the only way you’ll be able to get this help is paying for it yourself. Travel insurance can cover this cost, so you don’t have to remain stranded.
  1. Personal liability cover – If you cause an accident abroad, you’ll likely be the victim of a lawsuit. To help cover the cost of any damages you cause, you’ll need travel insurance. Without it, your own finances are vulnerable, not only for the compensation, but for legal fees too.
  1. Terrorism – While being the victim of a terrorist attack is unlikely, you’ll still probably want to be covered in case it happens. Around 60% of insurers offer this, so do check before buying if It’s something you want.
  1. Airline bankruptcy – While many larger airlines are unlikely to go bankrupt before you travel with them, smaller ones aren’t quite as secure. Travel insurance protects your money, meaning if the airline does go bankrupt, you’ll be one of the few who gets refunded their ticket price.

Talk to the Experts

The amount of coverage you’ll get and any excluded items will vary depending on your insurer. If you have any special needs or requirements, be sure to talk to the professionals before buying.

Insurance companies are very accommodating, and will be able to guide you towards finding the perfect coverage for you. Travelling without insurance can be risky, so make sure you’re protected when leaving home.

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