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Green Travel Tips for Traveling To Japan

Green travel or Eco Travel means being a responsible tourist and supporting eco-tourism. That doesn’t mean going to beautiful destinations, taking pictures and going back.

In fact Eco Tourism is about leaving the place you visit just like it is without destroying anything around it by various green practices such as conserving fuel, resources and indirectly the nature as well.

If you are planning a tour to exciting place like Japan, here are few tips for you that can help you be a green traveller.

Travel in off-season:

Look for travel websites of the destination to know the off season, travel trips and other details. Look at the weather forecast before you travel. Travelling to Japan in off season can help you explore the place better because it is not too crowded.

In off seasons, the seats for travelling are easily available, so why not make full use of the mode of transport than let a seat goes empty and waste resources. This can help you get various discounts too.

Travel green and get a guide:

Choose the greenest option of transport, trains are best for this. If you don’t have any other option but to fly, then support carbon neutral travel options by travelling in eco-friendly airlines. While at the destination, use the local transport to travel around and explore the place.

Guided japan tours are best to avail when you want to travel green, as with a guide you can know about each and everything you see while traveling.

Stay at a ‘green’ accommodation:

Look for hotels that are certified ‘green’ and use all green practices in the hotel. It is essential to confirm if the hotel is environment friendly and has green or environment friendly policies when it comes to room cleaning, cooking, recycling, using solar power etc.

So thoroughly check their community related policies and only then make a booking.

Be a responsible guest:

Staying in a place that supports going green isn’t enough. You should make sure that you be a responsible guest too. You can do this by checking on your water usage, turning off the lights when you don’t need them, minimizing the waste etc.

Responsible sightseeing:

You can really do a lot by refusing to use plastic bags and carrying your own bag while you go for shopping or sightseeing. Don’t buy anything that you’re not going to use or put into the waste bin.

Don’t litter the place while travelling. Use dustbins to throw whatever you should or carry them unless you find a place to dispose them. Eat local food and buy local products to enjoy the destination in a true manner.

Travel as an environmental helper:

To support the cause of being eco-friendly and going green, try to find volunteer work to support your cause wherever you are going.

Or try to find organizations that have eco-packages i.e. organizations that support the green cause and work with them so you can volunteer according to the package.

If you’re really passionate about saving environment, then find organizations that have environmental projects that need volunteers from different parts of the world.

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