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Travel Destinations for Dog Lovers

Good pet-friendly travel destinations are hard to find, so how about changing the rules of the game? If it is so important to dog owners to find a place for their pet as well as for them, perhaps they can put the dog first. Take a look at these dog-related destinations around the world.


The SkyHoundz competition is one of the more popular dog shows in the country. It is one big festival where you can show of your dog’s particular skills, obedience, and talent, or just hang around with some likeminded owners.

SkyHoundz moves around the country, and takes place throughout the year, and sometimes it steps outside of the United States as well. 2016 will see SkyHoundz events around Europe, North and South America.


Travel just a little bit north, and you’ll chance upon Canada’s quirky response to Woodstock – Woofstock. This event is a lot more tame than the original festival – there are various dog events, obedience competitions as well. This is an annual meet up for dogs, dog lovers, and owners of the region. Be sure to pack dog supplies and accessories for a couple of days, Toronto is in general a great place to take your outdoorsy pooch, with or without the dog festival.


Some dogs are happiest when they are working hard, even though they are pampered family pets. Sheep dog owners can confirm that their dogs practice their herding on family members whenever the opportunity presents itself. But what if you were to give them a chance at being themselves in real life? Canberra has a large sheep herding community, and your pet can spend a very paws-on summer. Keep in mind that Australia has very strict laws for its canine tourists, and it is very hard to get any pet inside the country. If you somehow have permission to do so, or are actually Australian, your shepherd dog is all about that shepherd life, just give it a shot.

Europe, Various

The World Dog Show takes place in another location each year. The 2016 World Dog Show will occur in Moscow, Russia. This is one of the fanciest dog shows, reserved for big shots in the world of breeders and dressage. If your dog scored top grades in puppy school, and feels confident when put in the spotlight, consider signing up as a participant! Otherwise, the event is a lot to handle for most dogs – too many people, too many dogs, and everybody in a rush. This might be best enjoyed by “professional dog owners” and dog enthusiasts who can travel without Fido. Just come back home with plenty of snacks to make up for the separation!

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