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Top 10 Places to Go Sailing

They say the world is your oyster, if you’ve got a boat. Regardless of whether you own a boat and are willing to look after it come winter or summer, or you are an avid charterer (an increasingly popular option for those wishing to sail the open waters), everyone can agree that with 80% of the Earth being covered in water, there are some pretty sweet places to go sailing. Eight of them are beyond comparison, so let’s have a look at the Sailor’s Great:

2000 Key West Schooner by anoldent

The Bahamas

The group of tropical islands near the equator have landed themselves a key role in the Beach Boys’ summertime classic “Kokomo”. Relatively close to Florida, Jamaica, and other popular Western sailing expeditions, the Bahamas are home to all the rum, coconuts and palm trees you need for a good evening spent on the deck.


Though Greece is struggling at the moment, it stands tall in the sailing community as one of the world’s best yachting locations. Throughout history, Greek sailing expeditions mattered, just look at Jason and his Argonauts, and great Odysseus. Personally, nothing got me sold into going to Greeceby boat more than the opening scene of Tomb Raider, where a festive Greek wedding partygets their dance floor moves on a beautiful yacht, surrounded by stunning Santorini scenery.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles are the pearls of the Indian Ocean. This popular honeymoon getaway is a strong contestant in the sailing class as well! Crystal clear waters and a year round pleasant breeze, it should be on every sailor’s bucket list! The scenery is simply lovely both from the azure waters and the rugged mountainous terrain on land.


This exciting location has recently made a big comeback in the tourism industry, but it has not sacrificed its natural riches and cultural heritage for tourist money. The Andaman Sea is simply AA wonderful place to go island-skipping, and if you are lucky, you may just stumble upon the memorable Khao Phing Kan rock, best known from the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. Otherwise, opt to charter a traditional barge cruise along Phuket Bay.


The interior of this vast continent/country is mostly a great desert, so the majority of Australians live near the coastline. It is only natural that a nation so tied to the sea would also be a sailor’s paradise. With so many local boaters, the Australian government has done its part to make sailing a comfortable and inexpensive manner of transport, both for its locals and visitors. You can easily find wharves for any budget in Sydney, as you prepare to visit either Tasmania, the Great Barrier Reef, or the wild Kimberley Coast.


Africa is not as forgotten a continent as people may think. Though most of it is still chock-full of pirates, Tanzania is not a dangerous country to sail in. The weather is blissful, and if you manage to find a good berthing space, you could easily plan out your requisite trip to the Serengeti or Kilimanjaro. Dar Es Salaam in particular has made a name for itself for the diversity of its people, and its Yacht Club is asluxurious as its posh European counterparts.

The Antarctic

Who said sailing is only possible in warm weather? Though the idea of lazing about a deck in their swimming trunks seems like a perfect scenario to most people, there are more than enough adventurers ready to brave the most remote continent of them all, Antarctica. This is a trip best left to the veterans, but it is safe to say that it is one of the most memorable trips a sailor can take on.


The French Riviera is known as the crème de la crème of luxury holidays, and sailing plays an integral part in the millionaire-playboy-philanthropist lifestyle. From Cannes to Monte Carlo, this is the place where you rub elbows with the world’s greatest celebrities as you gaze upon magnificent, sparkling yachts – or preferably navigate your very own!

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