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Thailand: Unlocking the Elysium

“Sawatdee World”

If any of you are thinking what Sawatdee means, guess what, that’s the native Thai way of saying “hello” with a smile. Yes folks, Thailand is all set to welcome the world as the most popular season is ahead.

Nevertheless, Thailand with its rich culture and beautiful beach resorts is today one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. However, versatile locations within the country can offer visitors different holiday experiences.

thailand beach

Witnessing Grand Palace in person or to watch a Railey Beach sunset or even to approach Phi Phi Don for the first time is priceless.

The pleasurable sensation of fright passing by a limestone monolith in PhangNga Bay is unforgettable.

Apart from the cultural diversities and jaw-dropping monumental craftsmanship, Thailand hosts some of the world’s most beautiful beach landscapes.

Now, if you are a savvy beach traveler, ought not to miss the Railay which is one of the most exciting Thailand beaches. The white sand beaches and the glittery blue water makes you feel as if you’ve found a piece of paradise.

Bangkok, the capital city, is the prime destination to find a diverse collection of merchandise and commercial places. Chatuchak Market aka Bangkok Weekend Market is considered as a landmark must-visit place for tourists.

If you are visiting this place we recommend downloading a free travel guidebook at Tripogogo.com. Not only related to Bangkok but you can find free guidebooks on various other places here at this platform.

Since these travel guidebooks come with all the stuff related to the place (like popular places to visit, restaurants, hotels, etc) it can be of great help if you get them before visiting the place.

When you visit the place you will find that just about everything is on sale in Bangkok. Most often, shoppers arrive with very little idea of what they want, they are mesmerized by what they see and end up going home with more than a few extra shopping items.

So, the best advice is to pick a starting point, follow your instincts, and bring home your exciting new finds.

Bangkok’s colorful floating markets are also familiar to many through the photos in tourist guides and travel books.

Although, the transactions are more concerned with tourists rather than locals these days, the floating market boats are still piled high with tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh, ready-to-drink coconut juice and local food.

Your journey is incomplete if you are visiting Thailand and not Phuket. The place is the keystone of Thailand that has its own distinctive arts, cultural, festivals, and traditions which come mix with expatriate and ethnic communities from all over the world.

Shopping here is another advantage in Phuket along with some great reasonable restaurants and accommodations.

The place is also a great entertainer offering its travelers with a wide range of entertainment such as bars, pubs, theaters, etc. Other entertainment includes cabarets, ballets, musical shows, etc.

If neither of the options fancies you, there is one prime option is visiting Karaoke bars in Phuket. If films are your style then there are several movie theaters screenings available.

Happy Exploring!!

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