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Thailand: Little Known Vacation Paradise

When you think of tropical paradises, you tend to imagine Hawaii, or the Caribbean islands. While these are great places to visit, they are not the only beach havens that you should go to. In fact, one of the best coastal getaways can be found in the little known country of Thailand.


This may come as a shock, since most people don’t realize the natural beauty that Thailand possesses, but you better believe that this place is something special.

Below we will list all the things that you must do to unlock the full potential that Thailand has to offer.


Thailand is home to the white sand, and crystal clear water, beaches of your dreams.

You can snorkel in established beaches like Samui, or Koh Tao, or if you prefer privacy, you can travel to one of the many little islands along the coast.

Experiencing the Culture:

If you travel to Thailand, visiting Bangkok is a must. There is a reason it is referred to as the Venice of the East, as it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It flawlessly marries historical monuments with modern buildings, with canals running throughout the entirety of the city.

If you desire to learn more about Buddhism, the religion practiced by most of the population, you can even go to any local temple in Chiang Mai, where you can converse with the monks during a Monk chat session.

Full Moon Party:

For those looking for a nice quiet time in Thailand, you might want to check this one off of your to-do list. The full moon party is one of the biggest parties in the world, held every month on HaadRin beach. If you decide to go, get ready for a crazy night.

It’s not uncommon for tourists all around the world to gather on this beach, for one night only, just for this party. Festivities are crazy, and every square inch of the beach is always filled with people moving around and dancing. This is a definite must for all party goers


Some people think that the food alone is enough of a reason to visit Thailand, and they have a point. Thai food is famous for its variety, as the Thai people themselves enjoy dining on several different foods throughout the day.

Procuring these foods is not a problem, as street vendors can be found on virtually every street of all major cities, selling their food for remarkably low prices. These vendors often offer Thai specialties, such as coconut pancakes, that will leave you wanting more.

There are several things to see and do in Thailand. From the peaceful Buddhist temples, and the mouthwatering food, to the crazy Full Moon Party, you are never going to lose interest in a place like this. All in all, if you’re looking for a coastal adventure, that’s off the beaten path, than Thailand is your place.

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