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Plan your Grampians Day Tours with Experts

Australia has many wonders up its sleeve. If you will just take the time to discover what these are, you will realise that you will not run out of things to do in this country. And, one of the most loved places you should experience is the Grampians National Park.


It is the place to be if you are the kind of person who loves art and nature. Although it is not often that these will go together in one place, in the Grampians you will be treated to all these and more.

Mountain Landscapes

Since the middle part of the 1900’s, the Grampians has been known as a magnet for people who loves to indulge in outdoor activities, especially rock climbing. This is because of its diverse mountain landscapes that offer different kinds of challenges to climbers, newbie and pro alike.

There are craggy slopes that are perfect for first-time rock climbers and rock formations that are so sheer, professional climbers from around the world come here to conquer them. The Grampians offer four of the best mountain ranges in the world and these are the eastern Mount William, the northern Mount Difficult, the south-western Mount Victoria and the south-eastern Mount Serra.

Art and Culture

Contained in the National Heritage List of Australia, the Grampians National Park is also known for its prehistoric rock art paintings. These are said to be done by the country’s first dwellers, the Aborigines, which are known to have been residents of the region since 32,000 years ago. Because of this, the Grampians is also known by another name, which is Gariwerd.

If you wish to look at these paintings, you will find them in the shelters that dot the park. These are names the Manja, the Gulgum Manja, the Ngamadjidj and the Billimina. Through the paintings, you will definitely discover the history of the Aborigines in the country.

Flowers and Beauty Galore

If you are more of a nature lover who loves to take things slow and easy, then a walk along the forest valley found between the ranges of Victoria and Serra would be perfect for you. Here, you will find a beautiful stretch of wildflowers such as the Grampians boronia and blue pincushion lilies. There are also various types of herbs and shrubs growing in the region, lending to its beauty.

As you take your walk or opt for grampians day tours, you will also be able to come across lookouts that will let you take in some of the wildlife prevalent in the country. Among these are kangaroos, edge-tailed eagles, emus and koalas.

So, if you ever wish to discover more of Australia and its natural and man-made wonders, try visiting the Grampians. It is definitely one stop that you will never regret taking.

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