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Pinance Review: Is Pinance good for new Investors?

When you are new to online trading, then the first decision you need to make is to pick an exchange firm which will give you access to the market.

Those who want a good cryptocurrency trading experience, they should look for a reliable and reputed cryptocurrency exchange. For a safe experience as a new trader, you should sign up with Pinance.

According to Pinance reviews, there are a lot of features which makes it a great choice for new traders.

User-friendly and intuitive trading platform

It is essential to know the qualities of a trading platform of the exchange before signing up.

Pinance offers a propriety trading platform which can be downloaded on your computer. It comes decked with tools to give you a good trading experience. As a new trader, you may be worried if you can use this trading platform or not, but it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface which is very simple to use.

Amazing asset index

Pinance specializes in cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide variety of crypto coins. It has major crypto coins like BTC and ETH and some minor crypto coins too. Hence, it helps traders to build a diverse portfolio. Traders can invest in different assets to minimize their loss.

Right leverage

Pinance provides proper leverage to its traders for investing in crypto coins. It offers a leverage of 1:10 to the traders so that they don’t have to pay the whole amount.


Regulations make an exchange platform trustworthy. Pinance is a completely regulated exchange which means it has a legit license to prove its credibility and authenticity. Regulations also include compliance with AML and KYC policies which safeguard your interests


Pinance implements robust security protocols to keep its system safe and sound. It has layer-security programs to ensure that the system is safe. The database is free from the breach of hackers.


Pinance has a lot to offer to newbies and professional traders. It comes packed with tools and specs to help them make rational trading decisions. It has a user-friendly interface and several crypto coins to help you trade with ease.




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