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Pilgrimage Cafe | Minneapolis

A lot of people would love to enter the restaurant business. However, people are not exaggerating when they say that the restaurant business is truly the toughest business there is, or close to it. It might be tougher and crueler than show business. Many people who have wanted to start restaurants in the past have had to rely on the mercies of bank loans. Even the people who managed to get their restaurants off of the ground initially will still have to struggle to remain in the business.

Pilgrimage Cafe

The competition for customers in the restaurant business is so difficult that the businesses that are not constantly innovating and pushing the envelope are going to fail. People who want to stop this from happening to yet another great non-chain restaurant should look into this Kickstarter project:

At the Pilgrimage Cafe, the owner and the staff are doing everything that they can in order to make the area more presentable. They’re also trying to do some basic repairs or renovations. People have high standards for the interiors and exteriors of their restaurants in addition to their very high standards for the food. The Pilgrimage Cafe is going to find it that much easier to stay open with a nicer dining area, a patio, and some improvements to the exterior of the property.

The more people contribute, the more that they are going to be able to enjoy what this restaurant has to offer. People who contribute a little to the restaurant are going to be able to benefit from merchandise from the restaurant. The people who contribute a lot of money are actually going to get all sorts of deals and discounts related to the restaurant. The creators of this project dreamed of running a place like this all their lives, and these contributions will only manage to help them sustain that dream.

You can join or support them at: https://goo.gl/G9C6iN

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