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Michelin Guide in Singapore this Year

Certainly the most famous of all of the food and restaurant destination guides on the planet, earning a Michelin Guide award can completely transform the future of a restaurant and propel its head chef into celebrity status.

At the same time, earning a Michelin Star is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as many believe it to be. In fact, these stars are almost impossible to come by, and when we are talking about two or even three stars (the highest rating possible) we are talking about the best restaurants on the planet.


Singapore, however, has been doing quite a bit to completely transform and reinvigorate their restaurant scene and the food culture in the country. They have been attracting top chef talent from around the world while at the same time cultivating real culinary superstars at their own training facilities.

Up until this year, however, Singapore has never been included in any of the Michelin Guides. But that’s all changed. The people behind the Michelin Guide have announced that they are going to be sending their anonymous “inspectors” to restaurants all over Singapore in an effort to find the best places to eat in the nation – and there are bound to be at least one or two restaurants in this country that are able to win those coveted stars.

Though it may be too early to speculate which of the restaurants in Singapore are going to be awarded multiple Michelin Stars, here is a quick list of some of the most popular “front runners”.

Restaurant André

Definitely one of the most popular places to eat in all of Singapore (and certainly one of the most exclusive), this restaurant has earned the number five spot on the top 50 restaurants in all of Asia for 2015 and has been featured on this list every year since it was open.

If there is a surefire bet for which Singapore restaurant wins a coveted multi-Michelin Star award, it has to be this one!

Les Amis

Another amazing restaurant in Singapore, but with a very French feel and flavor about it, this eatery is able to combine Singapore cuisine with traditional French cooking techniques in a unique and exciting way.

Another of the more exciting restaurants in Singapore that is likely to win at least one Michelin Stars, it wouldn’t be at all surprising for this restaurant to win multiple stars, either.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Very much a modern restaurant in Singapore, this eatery perfectly blends modern Singapore cuisine with comfortable and somewhat casual dining in a way that is exciting, engaging, and unforgettable.

Perhaps a little bit of a long shot wanted comes to winning multiple Michelin Stars (just because of the two competitors that we outlined above and the rarity of multiple stars being awarded), not too many people would be shocked if this restaurant was able to command a fantastic rating from the folks at Michelin.

We will have to wait until late 2016 to find out which restaurants were able to win any Michelin Stars, but until then everyone in Singapore is very excited!

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