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Memorable tour to Hiva Oa

Air Tahiti will fly you for about 3 hours and 20 minutes from Tahiti, across the Pacific Ocean to land you in the Hiva Oa Island of 320 square kilometers area.

tour to Hiva OaThis seahorse like shaped island is the largest one in the southern and second largest one in the entire Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia It is believed that the islands are the creation of the Gods as their own home.

It is a paradise on earth, with towering mountains, high waterfalls, sandy beaches and wonderful lush forests (though inaccessible by vehicles).

The most famous natural feature is a collapsed volcano called Temetiu. In the Bay of Traitors below there are two anchoring places viz. Taha Uko and Atuona Bay.

In the port of Atuona, the main town, you may visit the Paul Gauguin Cultural Center/ museum, which displays the reproductions of his work. Behind it, the “Jojo”, the Brel’s airplane is exhibited.

In the Cavalry Cemetery, Gauguin and Jacques Brel, the Belgian singer are buried. You may observe the gigantic stone tiki sculptures. The largest ‘tikis’ in French Polynesia could be found in the village Puamau.

When you are at the Atuona Beach, you may find, in reality, the basaltic cliffs and black sand beach that you observed in the Cultural Center. You may also see engravings, petroglyphs and even human bones in Atuona valley.

You may enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling and glimpses of shark, whales, etc., in the water. You may also dive in the Temetiu village. Horse riding (at Hamau Ranch) or Safari tour is another option. If you hire a guide, you may visit the places, besides understanding the reasons and stories behind the places and without leaving anything unseen.

The Aranui III passenger/ cargo ship will take you from Tahiti to Marquesas to six inhabited atolls, including Hiva Oa and Tuamotus, involving a period of 14 days and you may enjoy the sightseeing along.

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