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May Kaidee’s Thai Vegan Cuisine: On Tour in America

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Do you want to help spread the word about eating a healthy vegan diet? If so then you will love this kick starter project. May Kaidee is a talented chef from Thailand who cooks tasty and healthy vegetarian and vegan foods. She is passionate about her work and wants to go on tour round America in a van selling health fast foods. Not only will she be selling food she will also be promoting vegetarian and vegan diets and educating people about the benefits of eating healthily.

May Kaidee

She plans to run as many cooking classes as possible for individuals, families and organisations. Healthy eating is something which many people in America need to learn about. She will visit festivals and markets bring healthy Thai food to many people. May Kaidee aims to cover as much of America as possible but this won’t be possible without your support.

May Kaidee is an inspiring individual who grew up in Thailand where food was often short; she had to eat snake and other bush meat to survive and often became ill. Her live turned around however when she was offered work as a teen ager at her aunts vegetarian restaurant. Since her humble beginnings May Kaidee has taught many people to cook through her cookery classes and has also written books and sold food to thousands of people. Give her the chance to do the same in America, bringing health and happiness to as many people as possible.

May Kaidee has also used her cooking skills to help charities, in 2011 she raised much needed funds for flood victims.

Go to the kick start page today and donate generously. There are many gifts for donors, from copies of her cookbook to some hot spicy sauce. If you love experimenting with food then this is a great project for you to get involved in. Everyone deserves the opportunity to tasty delicious Thai food which not only looks and tastes good but is healthy and nutritious!


You can join or support them at: https://goo.gl/8BjpVk

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