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Importance of carrying bed bug sprays while traveling

A sound sleep decides your health. But if bed bugs haunts you, no matter in the world worries you like this! Bed bugs are savage blood sucking predators skilled at hiding, responsible for potential health risks ranging from allergic symptoms to skin rashes. They only come out at night and hide adeptly during day make very hard to find and difficult to eliminate. They hide at areas where you sleep specially mattresses.

They also travel to other areas like cracks, crevices around floors, walls, windows, closets, furniture, electric sockets etc. It takes much time to find where they hide but is the only way to eliminate. There are several chemical and non-chemical treatments available to eliminate them. Chemical methods include insecticides and sprays while non-chemical includes vacuuming, heating and chilling.

Chemical treatment is the most cost effective method where botanical insecticides, pyrethroid products, aerosols etc are used. Vacuuming includes portable steam cleaners work at high temperatures and kill parasites. Heating treatment heat rooms to 1400F for two hours or 1300F for three hours. This process kills parasites and their eggs. Chilling reduces temperature to 320F and kills parasites and eggs due to extreme cold.

But if you are a traveler, can you afford above techniques? You need to stay at hotels or in some strange places where you can really expect bed bugs. It is wise to carry an aid to save you from those bugs.

Nothing is more important than peaceful sleep at night for a continuous traveler. Quality of hotel is not an indicator whether or not you suspect a bed bug infestation. Carrying bed bug sprays with you can sort your problems out. Sprays come in all sizes and shapes. Some are natural while others are chemical based. When it comes as a choice, we prefer natural products, right? Because we know natural heals better than anything.

Aromatherapy has created an amazing product “Zen Garden Natural Bed Bug Repellent Linen Spray” just for that. The powerful blend of organic Lavender and Peppermint essential oils in this natural bed bugs repellent effectively repels bed bugs and Roman Chamomile provides better sleep. Using it as body spray gives additional protection and soothing effect. The spray is completely a natural product with plant derived ingredients and free from parabens and sulfates. It is safe and harmless for you and environment.

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