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Images Of The Beautiful City Of Prague

Despite the fact that international travel has become more affordable, there are certain places in the world that are ignored in favor of the newest party towns.

One such place is Prague. Prague city has been popular among film makers, students, back-packers as well as would be ex-pats.

However, it appears that only a portion of what is making the city endlessly captivating is what we see. The larger part has not been explored. Prague is a city with endless source of inspiration.


This kickstarter project will involve taking photographs of popular and picturesque aspects of Prague.

It will also involve taking images of the city’s metro lines, sub-urban areas, neighborhoods as well as lesser-known quarters. The photos will be both in color and black & white. They will then be gathered into a photo collection for a high quality hand-back book.

Already photos of Prague have been taken but the idea of this kickstarter project came up while the project owner was back in the US.

The donated funds will help to meet expenses such as plane fare, printing and editing photographs, equipment, binding, international shipping and handling.

The journey to Prague is scheduled in March upon funding in time. After 14 days of extensive photography, editing and selection of photos will begin.

They will then be sent for publishing by mailing. Blurb will do the final publishing, binding, shipping and handling. Additional funding will go to printing, framing and shipping photos to backers.

The target audience is US citizens. But these photos will also be shipped anywhere in the world.

This will help to inspire many people so that they can travel and look beyond the boundaries of their own cities and towns.

Risk And Challenges

Distributing books in a timely fashion

Long duration of publishing especially if the order is big

In conclusion, this kickstater project will indeed inspire many people. They will also learn to appreciate the beauty of their cities and develop interest to discover more. It really deserves funding.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/0a5zpR

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