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Five Good Reasons to Visit Sicily

While technically part of Italy, Sicily is a world unto itself. A beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily it is separated from its mother country by the narrow strait of Messina. This physical separation is only one aspect of Sicily’s individuality. Visitors will be captivated by the many unique attributes of this ruggedly beautiful and charming destination.


1. Heritage

The Sicilians are a handsome people with strong features. Bloodlines have been influenced by the Spanish, Arabs and many others who had been drawn to Sicily for its riches. Their culture is one of caution and reserve when it comes to meeting strangers, but once you earn a Sicilian’s trust, you have a friend for life. Fiercely proud of their island heritage most strive to stay in the land of their birth.

2. Black Sand Beach

 Sicily has a host of gorgeous beaches – not surprising – you’re on an island right?  What is surprising is the black sand beach located on the Aeolian archipelago.  Thanks to a long history of volcanic activity, the sand in on this beach is the color of midnight.  It is considered one of the finest and most dramatic beaches in the world.

3. Skiing – Volcano Style

Sicily is home to one of the most unlikely combinations, an active volcano that’s covered with snow. In spite of its habit of smoking and spitting lava, Mount Etna is a popular ski venue.  With two ski resorts located on the flanks of the mountain people come in droves to indulge in this extreme skiing experience. Apparently snow covered lumps of lava make for great moguls. There’s a wide range of villas in Sicily available, even more so around Mount Etna.

4. Historical Ruins

Sicily rivals Greece for its collection of ancient architectural ruins. Once a part of Greece, the southern city of Agrigento is a must see. Here lies the Valley of the Temples, home to the remains of several Doric temples. These remains are said to be the most well preserved of all ancient Greek buildings.

5. Mummies

Mummification is a method of preserving the dead. It was practiced in Sicily until 1881, and the Capuchin Friars were apparently quite good at it. Using arsenic baths and quicklime, they preserved the corpses of the island VIP’s, doctors, clergy, aristocrats and some children, as a show of love and unending respect. Today around 8,000 embalmed Sicilians, are on display in Palermo for public viewing in multiple underground vaults.

Sicily also boasts great food, a fantastic climate and a long list of interesting activities to enjoy. All in all, it’s not hard to see why the island of Sicily is such popular vacation destination.  Consider making it yours.

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