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Find Best Hotel Near PWTC And Enjoy Your Time With Great Comfort

Exploration never ends and if you are interesting in some exploration that will take you close the nature, history and art then what could be better place than Putra World Trade Centre for you? This is one of the must visit place for you if you are interested in exploration of various kinds.

Although this is the main Convention Centre of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but it also offers exhibition of various kinds so it is also called Exhibition Centre which makes it really very interesting place to visit for everyone.

PWTCThis place is connected to lots of history itself and it can help you to explore so many things that you will not find in any other place. The construction of this amazing and extraordinary Convention and Exhibition Centre was started on 1981 and was completed on 1984.

But, it was not officially opened just after completion of construction. Its official opening was on 2 September 1985.

Apart from this, this building has been a major part of many remarkable events from time to time. For example, PWTC is the place where you will find International Quran Reading Competition being held every year from the year 1985.

Till the year 1985, International Quran Reading Competition was a part of Stadium Merdeka events but after the development and official opening of Convention and Exhibition Centre, it was moved here permanently.

There is no one who would not want to avail the benefit of experiencing such historic experience and you can also book your stay hotel near PWTC so that you can explore more and more notable events and experience the pleasure of this place.

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