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Exotic Indonesian Vacation: Things To Do Here

Officially, Indonesia is a secular state, but the majority of the population here is Muslim. However, this is one more country, where you will be surprised to see an amazing mix.

Bali and other parts of the country have a great influence of Hindu and Buddhist cultures, with some great temples and amazing cultural locations.

Although Islam is the main religion, there are many places where you will find pork as a matter of food choice.

Amazing wildlife

Sumatran orangutans and Komodo Dragons are just two of the many essential species you will find on the islands here. Indonesia boasts of having some really endangered and endemic species, which can be seen on a guided tour.

You can take a complete trip of the Komodo National Park, which is considered to be among the greatest places for a wildlife tour in the country. By the night, the park seems like a big home to the flying foxes, which can be checked by the beach.

Great beaches, cities, food and shopping

Indonesia is unique for the fact that there are too many attractions, and the time is limited for most tourists. Between the islands, there aren’t many choices, so check with the options in advance.

One great city which I loved visiting was Yogyakarta (often called “Jogja”). This is a city on the Indonesian island which is known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. You can easily sewa bus jogja online to visit this awesome place when traveling to Indonesia.

As for shopping, the capital city, Jakarta, is the ultimate destination. There are big shopping malls, but what you will enjoy the most is the street markets, which are open for bargaining and has some great stuff at really cheap prices.

Local cuisine in Indonesia is a cultural mix, but some of the delicacies of the street markets and local villages remain a big attraction for the lovers of food.

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