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Enhanced Travel site opportunities with the aid of StreetViewmaps

StreetViewmaps.city is glad to introduce a website with the combination of both WordPress and also Google API, a form of technology which enhances access to business information from 1.3 million cities in countries around the world.


Database integrates firms that are known within the Google Place Types API. The city locations are geographically described in a much detailed form which makes the website accessible for users. The name of the city is simply typed into a search panel. For more information, the map could be zoomed in to see establishments, interest points and also businesses.

Travelers in need of lodging information, car rentals, and places of worship as well as medical facilities can select the icons one after the other or click on related locations. Selecting specific locations show pictures of its street view as well as additional information such as restaurants and their choice menu. Telephone numbers, user’s reviews and also addresses help travelers to have more knowledge about establishments and also the community.

To visit locations that are close, click and then drag the icon on the map

An address can be specifically entered to have more information about its location. Driving as well as walking directions are also part of its design. WordPress which is alternative software for personal publishing when combined with Google APIs enables users to have access to maps for StreetView which is a global search for cities. WordPress is currently used by almost quarter of internet websites, while Google’s APIs enables one third of developers to gain access to Google services and also enhance functionality. The website can be easily accessed through mobile phones, tablets, desktops, notebooks or even iPads.

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