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Don’t Let Money Prevent You from Travelling Ever Again

You don’t need a fortune in order to travel and that’s a fact. However, by this, I don’t mean to say that sleeping on park benches when it’s warm outside is your thing. You can aim at both comfort and saving money at the same time, you just need to look and dig around a bit and perhaps familiarize yourself with new ways of travel.


Airbnb is a website that specializes in helping people to list, find and rent lodging. Founded in 2008, this San Francisco based company has helped millions of travelers find cheap and comfortable places to stay while on vacation. What does this site do? It helps connect users who are looking for space renting to those with adequate property. As of 2013, in addition to a valid email address and telephone number, government issued IDs are the only requirements needed to deem oneself a “Host” or a “Guest”. This company now includes a neat smartphone app, so it has become a backpacker’s favorite over the course of last couple of years.

CouchSurfing – One of the alternatives to Airbnb, the CouchSurfing website offers its members to proverbially “surf” on hosts’ couches, which is a fantastic budget opportunity. Safety mechanisms of this service include: A payment verified system that serves as proof that a member has access to Paypal or a credit card and personal references – based on other members’ previous experiences with the guest in question. Think of it as guest rating.

Coupons.in – Although not everyone is a fan of coupons, we can assure you that, when it comes to travel, these offer nothing but benefits. They include not only transport benefits, but also trivial (yet somehow crucial) benefits like food, beverage, internet and prepaid phone discounts. The best part is – it is an online-based service, so you can browse the best offers available beforehand, if you’re planning on traveling abroad.

Housesitting – Now this is an interesting one. Not many people have heard of this option, even though it tends to be quite a budget saver. By signing a contract, you agree to live in someone’s house for free, while assuming the homeowner’s responsibilities such as taking care of their pets, plants, performing general maintenance and basically everything you do at your very own home. Housesitting is a great way to meet new people, while saving your travel money.

Volunteer Work Abroad – Now this method is beneficial for those that enjoy a little bit of adventure. Nothing wild, mind you, except for the fact that those that opt for this way of travel usually haven’t got exact dates of return planned out beforehand. This work usually includes jobs at the hostel, or at locales connected to it. It is a great and liberating way to travel.

These are the most popular new ways of travel that are not only cheap, but also quite comfortable and care-free. Furthermore, by exercising the mentioned methods, you get a chance to meet a ton of new people, while fully experiencing the world out there, which is, I dare say, the whole point of travel in the first place.

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