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Camping Checklist and Essentials for Best Fun

Camping outdoor will prove to be a rewarding experience if the essential equipment and supplies are kept handy. Preparing beforehand essentially mandates chalking out a camping list to meticulously optimize the organization. Camping essentials will be determined by factoring in the place, nature, and duration of the trip along with the season in which it is undertaken and the activities planned which will impact the personal preferences.


A camping checklist which sorts various items required for camping in orderly and classified manner will be a great help. The major heads under which the items are to be categorized are shelter, bedding, cooking equipment, clothing, personal items, miscellaneous objects, basic first aid kit.

One should invariably confide about the camping plan to someone close and share with him the details and expected date of return along with cell phone number, directions to the site, alternate roads available, vehicle type, license information, wireless radio channel, local authority’s contact info and other pertinent data necessary to track you down in the event of any unfortunate incident occurring during camping.

Essential camping tips unfailingly involve carrying utensils made of aluminum. They are lightweight, easy to carry, can be packed within another, and are resistant to the wear and tear involved on the journey. Insulated drink through mugs that will preserve the beverages in their original temperature levels and keep insect invasion at bay should be used to keep the body hydrated all along. The first aid kit should have well marked compartments to keep the supplies organized. The container should be waterproof and durable. The contents should be inspected at regular intervals and resupplied as required. The kit should be conveniently placed to be readily available at all times.

Items of personal hygiene should essentially feature in the packing list. These may include toilet paper, deodorant, razor, comb, towel, soaps, camping shower, sunscreen, bug repellants etc. Compass or GPS system should be kept handy to get accurate directions. Binoculars, ropes, whistle, bulbs, batteries and radio are inevitable to navigate properly and reach out to local authorities in the event of confronting a precarious situation. A well planned out trip is always enjoyable.

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