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American traditions that look weird to other countries

Here in the States, everything on a regular day may seem normal to us but it can look very weird to people from other countries.  In fact, to us, it can seem shocking that many of the everyday things we do look entirely bizarre to someone else.

Instagram filtered image of American Flag for 4th of july, veterans day, labor day, memorial day

Instagram filtered image of American Flag for 4th of july, veterans day, labor day, memorial day

Check out the following perfectly average American things that are normal to us…and only us:

  • Inaccurate price tags – sure, technically the price of the item is accurate, but when you get to the checkout counter, it’s not what you pay. In many other countries, the price tag represents exactly what you’d pay in order to buy it, including sales tax and any other fees or charges.
  • Flags and flag rituals – we’re proud of our flag and it shows. You can see it flying virtually everywhere.  We pledge allegiance to it.  We salute it.  We even raise it and fold it in only very specific ways. In many countries, the national flag doesn’t play nearly as central a role in daily lives.
  • Driving absolutely everywhere we go – our country is enormous so if you want to get somewhere, you typically need to get into the car. This includes everything from the corner store which is a three minute walk away, to a relative’s home fifteen hours away. Both of these kinds of car trip are unheard of in many countries.
  • Black Friday – launching a holiday shopping season with massive sales that cause mobs of people – still stuffed to the brim with Thanksgiving turkey dinner – to flood stores across the country. Angela Linders from Mogix Accessories – best known for its slim fit external battery charger – explained the excitement when she said “during black Friday, sales typically offer about 10 times more savings than normal.”
  • Movie ratings – while extreme gore and violence is often considered to be fully acceptable, the slightest hint of nudity and sex can bring about a much higher age rating. Many other countries feel that this is a backward perspective because it is desensitizing youth to violence while it makes the human body taboo.

Of course, every culture has its own unique ways that seem perfectly normal and acceptable them but unexplainable to others.  These just happen to be a handful of ours!

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