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A device changing the way that we travel

Traveling can lead to serious sleep deprivation in some individuals who find it difficult to fall asleep on a plane. To date, nothing has really technologically answered the question of the inability to sleep on an airplane, until now that is. A new product called “wink away” is being offered on Kickstarter and it could solve this problem for travelers forever with a new and innovative travel mask.

travel & sleep eye mask

This new sleep mask from Positive Technologies can solve the problem, whether it is caused by excess light, or an aversion to cloth eye masks because they must be removed to be able to see if there is a need to do so, like for meal service. The “wink away” mask utilizes technology called “electronic eyelids” and it has smart lenses for responding to eye movements. There are sensors that send a signal to internal LED lenses, causing them to darken when the user closes his or her eyes. Conversely, they will open when the eyes are opened.

That’s the main functions of “wink away”, but there is also a secondary function called “The Wake-up System”. This gives a flight crew member the ability of sending an RF signal to the mask that will awaken the user so that they can eat at in-flight meal service time. This causes an LED light to go on in the mask, resulting in light-flashing and the mask also vibrates. This eliminates missed meals and also helps the mask user to rest more comfortably without having to worry about when it is time to wake up.

Positive Technologies already has several airlines that have expressed interest in the “wink away” sleep mask. Once the project is successfully funded on Kickstarter and then completed, the mask will be introduced to all of the major airlines worldwide.Funds that are collected via Kickstarter will be utilized for the process of production and manufacturing the “wink away” sleep mask. This will include R&D, prototype building, as well as design and development of all electrical and tech data, communications, management and public relations.

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